It’s Time to Upgrade Chit Chat to Meaningful Conversation

Chatspace Nudges Make New and Lapsed Conversations Easy to Start!!!

We can do better than social media and connect through conversation.

Whether you are getting to know a new roommate, significant other, teammate or trying to keep in touch after graduation - carefully curated and manicured social media life ain’t always the best way. Using Chatspace, you will connect frequently via prompts and topics that drive authentic conversation. We do the work, you simply open up.

Use our conversation starters and restarters or start your own.

As your bonds deepen or you discover new friendships inside Chatspace, start topics that matter to you most.

All of us feel alone at times and conversation can be help us get through.

True connection with family, friends and peers is the key to happiness. Whether in times of celebration, stress or need, the support of this team is more important than ever.

Ready for great conversations?

We will NEVER share your data with 3rd parties or sell it for any reason.

We have no reason to build up any internal data profiles since we never will be serving advertising. In fact, we have every reason not to do these things since privacy/intimacy/trust is at the core of why we are building Chatspace.

Our technical architecture is “federated,” which make it impossible for messages to end up in the wrong hands. And all messages are fully encrypted at every stage of transit, storage and hand-off with the industry’s highest standard of encryption for security. To understand the full technical details, please visit our privacy page.